Cancellation Policy

We know plans can change, so we've designed a cancellation policy that's flexible for our customers and supports our drivers. We won't charge cancellation fees (and any applicable ride-related expenses), if you cancel before the times listed below.

Please note that if you change the type of vehicle that you want once the original car has been dispatched, you will be responsible for the cancellation fee of the original vehicle in addition to the cost of the newer vehicle type.


(please view fees associated with your location and type of booking, if canceled outside of indicated times)

  • Standard Sedan

    1 hour prior to scheduled pickup time

  • Premium Sedan

    2 Hours prior to scheduled pickup time

  • SUV

    2 Hours prior to scheduled pickup time

  • Van

    12 Hours prior to scheduled pickup time

  • Sprinter

    6 Hours prior to scheduled pickup time

  • Limo

    24 Hours prior to scheduled pickup time

  • Mini Coach

    24 Hours prior to scheduled pickup time

  • Motor Coach

    48 Hours prior to scheduled pickup time

Cancellation Fees

Hourly minimum defined for the vehicle class per your account
Operating and administration Fee
Wait Time (if applicable / incurred)
Tolls (if applicable / incurred)
Parking (if incurred)
Meet & Greet (if applicable / incurred)
Car Seat (if requested)
Incidentals (if Incurred)
Tax (if applicable)


Wait Time
A fee of $1.50/minute + Gratuity is charged after the grace period of 60 minutes for international flights, 30 minutes for domestic flights, 30 minutes for ports and 10 minutes for non-airport reservations.

Car Seat
$20 for the first child seat requested, $10 for any additional car seat(s) requested.
Operating and Administration Fee
Operating expenses and surcharges per your account.

This charge occurs only when applicable.

This charge occurs when your trip route takes you through a route that has tolls.

This is only charged when applicable for Inside Airport Pick-ups or for Hourly trips if a parking fee is paid by the driver.

Meet & Greet
The amount charged is based on the airport.

The amount charged if incurred.

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